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Bali Law Office Services List

Legal and Business issues in Indonesia

We are offering our services to entrepreneurs requiring assistance and services in the legal area in carrying out their business peacefully towards the attainment of am effective business performance which in turn will enhance the Company`s performance both internally as well as externally. B.I.L.O. as a professional legal office offers a cooperation as a Legal Consultant for Companies requiring such services. By using B.I.L.O. as a Consultant, the entrepreneurs have taken a correct step in maintaining the business of the Company so that legally such Company may run soundly, without a sense of apprehension.

Legal Consultancy Contract
Covering all Consulting Services. Preventive visits twice a month. 24-hour Emergency / Urgent calls. Costs for payment and handling documents and licenses at the relevant Agencies is not included in the consultant fee.

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All other issues regarding Indonesian Law
Don't hesitate to ask us about any legal issue you encounter in Indonesia, we can help.

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Property Laws
Sale and purchase agreements, Lease agreements, Mortgages, Titles to land and disputes related to land ownership. Construction & Technical Engineering Law.

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Business Law
International Trade Law, Business Competition Law, Anti Monopoly Law,Intellectual Property Right Law.

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Capital Market Law
Integrated services or individual services in terms of the composition of the institutional structure and the issuance of securities and the issuance of bonds.

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Banking and Insurance Law
Preparation of documents as well as procedures related to issues of funding, investment and routine business activities in the area of banking and insurance.

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Police and Court issues
Police and Court cases. Investigation, Apprehension, Detention and other legal processes), prosecution affairs.

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Special Business Licenses
Licenses for tourism, export, import, building, mining, and other special licenses.

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Mediation and Arbitration
Settling legal conflicts among business entities or among individuals through negotiations, such as Mediation and Arbitration.

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Corporate Law issues
The establishment and formation of businesses, as well as handling internal or external corporate issues. Share and shareholders issues.

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Manpower Laws
Reports, contracts, labour agreements, procedures at the labour offices in Jakarta etc.

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Marriage and Divorce
Divorce can become a complicated situation. We can assist you in the process of divorce and issues related to a divorce.

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