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Indonesian Corporate Law

Legalization, establishment, formation, conflicts

Firm and Limited Partnership (CV)

The establishment and Formation as well as handling internal or external issues regarding the Board of Founders or its Board of Managers.

Limited Liability Company (PT) and Foreign Capital Investment (PMA)

The establishment and formation of limited liability companies, both National PT, Domestic Capital Investment (PMDN) as well as PMA and to prepare and assist in the legalization and preparation of licenses and other requirements for Companies, among others:

  • Licenses [ PMA Approval (SPPMA), SKTU, Taxpayer’s Code No. (NPWP), Business License (SIUP), Business Registration Card (TDP), License related to Noise Act (SITU/HO), Permanent Business License (IUT) ]
  • Alteration and mutation of Capital and Shares in Company
  • Establishment of branches and affiliates
  • Alteration of form and enhancement of Company’s status
  • Share sale and purchase and merging of shares
  • Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Retrenchment of Company, Merger and Acquisition
  • Bankruptcy

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