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Business Law Consultancy

Issues for (foreign) business in Indonesia

International Trade Law

The capability of Bali IDE Law Office in international trade law has been developed. This is based on the comprehension of legal theories and experience in directly handling issues, such as: distribution, export, import, and relationship with trade practitioners or government bodies involved in this area. B.I.L.O. provides services to its clients in selecting trade partners, preparation of trade documents as well as provide assistance in acquiring trade facilities.

Agreement Law / Contract Drafting

Bali IDE Law Office provides services to compose and prepare Business Agreements on the basis of the rules of the prevailing legislation, analysis of business contracts, as well as gives legal opinion regarding agreements (business, trade, work, sale and purchase and lease agreements, etc.)

Business Competition Law

The Unsound Business Competition Law enables legal action to be taken against any company which does not heed and infringes the credibility as well as assaults the respect and prestige of a company to compete which is not justified under the rules of the legislation. Protection of the business and sound competition allow a company to develop and run its business properly and appropriately in a sound business competition.

Anti Monopoly Law

Trade in any distribution conducted by a company is regulated in the Anti Monopoly Law. Multinational and National Companies with a significant extensive operating field should observe the regulations on Anti Monopoly Law.

Intellectual Property Right Law

Bali IDE Law Office has developed integrated services capable to accommodate our clients needs in the area of registration and protection as well as law enforcement of Copyrights, Brands and Patents. Bali IDE Law Office provides services in the area of protection and security of Intellectual Property Right against the unlawful use as well as infringement of the rules of the legislation. Bali IDE Law Office conducts a Survey and Control on site on the infringement and the application of the Intellectual Property Right contravening the legislation and leading to legal processing of the issue as well as cooperates with the related Agencies and Apparatus handling issues and protection of Intellectual Property Right.

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